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Streamline Enrollment


Campus Unity Benefits (CUB) is a pioneer in student enrollment, compliance and

administration to institutions of higher learning. CUB’s internally developed

proprietary software completely automates enrollment in tandem with the chosen product for any student population. CUB can unify an entire system

providing a complete enrollment system for class registration, student health

insurance enrollment or waivers, liability and group management, compliance

and operational reporting. CUB’s unique system will complete every enrollment

need – CUB’s platform is your solution.

Protect your School


The Campus Unity Benefit Platform will ensure that every student follows the student insurance requirements set by the school.  If you want to mandate coverage, the Primary Insurance will be verified when enrolled and at preset intervals so the waivers are always valid. 

For those students not required to have primary health insurance the student can sign a waiver to release of the school of liability. 

Do Right by Your Students


It is important that every student be given the opportunity for health care.  With an empowered health center, a smart enrollment system, and great products, together we will do just that.  

All Students will have access to your mandatory student insurance products or we can fill in the gaps if you need voluntary products or travel insurance.

CUB also provides 24 hr doctor visits via phone, video or online at no cost to your student! 

The platform is completely customizable.  Our goal is to provide solutions, not disconnect you from what is already working. 

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Start Your Student Health Journey With Us

CUB is a pioneer in health care support, compliance and administration to institutions of higher learning.  CUB’s internally developed compliant proprietary software completely automates health administration in tandem with the chosen providers for the student population.  Together, CUB can unify an entire system providing complete campus care – from on-campus health services and wellness, liability and group management, and compliance and operational reporting with our enrollment portal.

Campus Unity Benefits

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